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Coders and developers use Python for various reasons, including video viewing, controlling website templates, accessing canonical data, and more. Every time you watch a video on YouTube, you’re witnessing Python code in action. On the map below, we’ve gathered the average salaries of senior Python developers worldwide, demonstrating the most cost-effective regions for hiring Python coders.

Stack Overflow reveals UK’s top 10 best-paid developer roles – Developer News

Stack Overflow reveals UK’s top 10 best-paid developer roles.

Posted: Mon, 09 Oct 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

For developers with less than two years of experience, the average salary ranges from $85,000 to $92,000 annually. It might seem like that’s a huge amount of money for someone working at the computer, but the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. Senior Python developers spend the bigger portions of their life learning everything there is to know about Python – it would only python developer make sense that their salaries represent that. The third group – senior Python developers – are among the most respected veterans of the industry. Senior programmers have dedicated their lives to the world of computer programming – and it shows, both in their work etiquette and their earning. The junior Python developer salary is a tricky topic since it varies quite a lot.

How much do Python programmers make?

There are many benefits to using Python, but even the most in-demand programming language isn’t without its drawbacks. It is an open-source programming language, so you can download the source code for free, make any changes you want, and distribute your version. Python developers design, code, and deploy development projects in the Python language. They also work on debugging those same projects to ensure they function as intended. Stack Overflow’s latest Developer Survey generally corroborates Glassdoor’s “high” (and “low”) confidence data.

Nonetheless, as remote work becomes more prevalent, Python SQL developers can earn competitive salaries regardless of factors such as physical location. Python SQL developers are in high demand in 2023, with attractive salary ranges based on experience and qualifications. On average, Python SQL developers can expect a base salary average of $117K annually. According to recent data, Python programmers make an average base pay of $98K annually.

Senior Technical Lead

Moreover, nearly 85% of developers name Python as their main programming language. Having reviewed the salary of developers or the hourly rates for Python developers across the world, you can witness the marginal difference that can turn out a real bliss to reduce your company’s expenses. If you’re ready to launch a career in Python development or looking for opportunities to upskill to boost your salary, our courses can help. If you’re interested in a job as a Python Developer, you have an exciting career ahead of you.

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